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1Marketing Workshop09:30 - 10:30Times Complex
2Introduction Business10:30 - 12:00B.City Complex
3Marketing Strategy00:30 - 02:00Times Complex
4Introduction Business00:00 - 01:00City Hutt Complex
1Digital Marketing Theory02:30 - 03:30Newyork Complex
2Mass Marketing03:30 - 04:30City Hutt Complex
3Digital Marketing Theory09:00 - 10:30B.City Complex
4Introduction Business01:00 - 02:30B.City Complex
1Marketing Strategy11:00 - 00:00Times Complex
2Digital Marketing Theory00:30 - 01:30Newyork Complex
1Marketing Workshop02:00 - 03:00City Hutt Complex
2Marketing Workshop12:00 - 02:00City Hutt Complex
1Introduction Business00:00 - 01:00Times Complex
2Introduction Business01:30 - 02:30Newyork Complex
3Introduction Business,00:00 - 02:30B.City Complex